Yoga Practice

What is a Light Guardian? 

Welcome. As a Light Guardian, we strive to expand the vibration of the planet to a higher level of awareness.


Our students cultivate inner peace and light in our own hearts that will one day illuminate to those around us, in our individual communities and our world.


Through incorporation of the ancient texts, meditations, asanas and pranayama, Light Guardians learn to bring practices of kindness, gratitude, compassion and happiness into our everyday existence. ​


Our Primary Focus:

  • Self-development

  • Connection to our true, divine self 


Upon exiting the program you will be able to teach a class that is an extension of your own expression and divine self.


You will always be supported and welcomed by your new family of Light Guardians; to ask questions and grow as your practice evolves.


We are not divided by religion, race, political views or sexual orientation but rather united - as one.


We welcome our differences, our beautuy and our unique part of source.


Our hope is that one day, love will break down walls that divide our planet and our hearts. That fear, hate and shame will be transformed into light;  and that we will increase the vibration of our world.

We hope you join us in our mission to bring light to the world.